Interlude and flashbacks

[OOC: Feel free to call for flashbacks to the scenes discussed in this post, if you feel it necessary or interesting. Recent history will be modified accordingly.]

In dealing with the fallout from Boltstrike Pillar, Hurby has made the Trio recruit the help of the Stormshield mercenary company to go and reclaim the now supposedly abandoned tower. The company was recruited, and the following afternoon a meeting took place at the manor of Gromnar Il-Khan, the boss of the Thieves’ Guild.

Attending were: the Trio, a couple of high-ranking bodyguards of Gromnar, Hurby, Gromnar himself, his attendant Visarius (a tiefling), and a representative of the Stormshields by the name of Nessa Trickhelm.

During the meeting it was agreed that a contingent of a dozen mercenaries would be sent to the Pillar, to secure it until the Thieves’ Guild could arrange its own forces there. It all seemed fairly straightforward for a while.

Until a representative of the Mage’s Guild showed up to demand attendance in the meeting.

He ranted and raved on how the Thieves’ Guild has no right to take control of the Pillar in these circumstances, and that by Imperial authority the Mage’s Guild has rights to the Pillar and surrounding lands.

For a while it seemed like the only way to resolve this would be to concede the Pillar back to the mages, because the alternative would most likely be a messy confrontation with not only them but also the Dragon Empire. That is, until Visarius pointed out that Boltstrike Pillar is technically located in dwarven lands, and is part of the barony of Oltar Ugosh. And that neither the Mages’ Guild nor the Dragon Empire have any real claim to it… assuming the lord of Oltar Ugosh does not oppose the matter.

The problem is, Oltar Ugosh has been abandoned for centuries (since the end of the great Drow-Dwarven war) and that the Dwarf King would most certainly not risk major diplomatic incidents by contesting claims on lands where the only things of value are a dubiously useful weather control experiment and a flooded gold mine. If someone were to reclaim some of the old glory of Oltar Ugosh, though, that would be another matter…

As it just happens, there is someone in town right now who wants to do exactly that: the dwarf Grumble, who returned from exploring the passage connecting Oltar Ugosh and Greenstand. The rest of the way towards the deeper parts of Oltar Ugosh are blocked, but that is something which can be solved by some cheap hired labour and digging tools. And Grumble would probably also welcome some additional muscle to keep everyone safe in the unknown dark…

For some reason Gromnar Il-Khan considers such a convoluted plan of laying claim to Boltstrike Pillar worth the effort of making headway into reclaiming the old glory of Oltar Ugosh. He has promised the Trio not only riches but also his personal gratitude for resolving this situation in favour of the Thieves’ Guild…

The story thus far...

It all started as a simple courier job: Take a minor magical trinket to a bunch of mages in a tower in the middle of nowhere. Swap the trinket to another trinket. Check out the goblins. This was the task given to three operatives of the Thieves’ Guild in Glitterhägen: Darel the dark elf ranger, Nayiri the half-elf bard, and Tara the wood elf wizard.

On the trek to the aforementioned tower (Boltstrike Pillar) our heroes quickly found goblins skulking in the woods, but managed to get to the tower in one piece. The trinket swap took place and the Mages’ Guild forces at Boltstrike Pillar pointed the group towards the ruins of Greenstand fort, deeper in the woods, where goblins and hobgoblins were massing to strike at the Pillar. Again, a straightforward task: go trigger the traps in the ruins to deal with the enemies and come back for some easy money.

It turned out that triggering the traps was unnecessary because someone had already done so, and what seemed like signs of a dragon strafing the ruins had dealt with what little forces were remaining. And then the blue dragon Krovikir and its lizard-man allies attacked the Pillar. While the Pillar had been infiltrated from within. The battle was fierce and the defenders of the Pillar managed to rout the dragon (which the heroes, with the unexpected assistance of a dwarven fighter, later finished off), but not without severely crippling the remaining defenses of the place, which then succumbed to treachery from within.

Our heroes rushed to try and reclaim Boltstrike Pillar from its invaders, and did indeed manage to kill the invading lizard men and the treacherous dragonling mutant. But the victory came at a cost. During the battle the remaining mages at the Pillar were killed by the dragonling, and the magical trinket (a dagger by the name of Gläzentorg) was lost in a confusing chain of events. The dagger was taken from Tara by a shadowy figure who may or may not have been the Prince of Shadows. To make things worse, when the trio finally left back towards Gillterhägen, the trees around Boltstrike Pillar were moving to surround the remains of the fort built around it. This may be related to a druid by the name of Qualest who they encountered while heading off to deal with the routed dragon.

The dragon was severely wounded by the defenders of Boltstrike Pillar, and crashed in the nearby woods. The trio was persuaded by the strange druid to go and deal with the dragon, before it manages to recover. This they did, with the unexpected help of a dwarven fighter named Grumble.

What was the dwarf doing there? He seeks to try and reclaim his birthright in the abandoned gold mine of Oltar Ugosh, and the only known entrance to its non-submerged parts happened to be in the very same cave to which the dragon had retreated. Grumble would after the battle with the dragon disappear behind a solid steel door at the back of the cave, and not be seen by the trio until some days later.

When reporting what happened at Boltstrike Pillar to their ring-leader (a dwarf by the name of Hurby) the trio would tell that everyone at Boltstrike Pillar was already dead, and that it and its magical powers now lie unclaimed.

Furthermore, back in the city, a chance encounter lead to a confusing turn of events for Darel as she saw what can only be her own death at the hands of a demon. A duplicate of some sort (clone? twin? time-shifted copy? who knows?) rushed past a street the trio was walking along, and Darel noticed the glint of an identical pendant she wears. Following the strange character, they catched up with her just in time to witness her death. After dealing with the demon, a strange figure of uncertain dimensions was spotted on the rooftops, and this figure may have something to do with the later disappearance of Darel’s duplicate’s corpse.

Nayiri’s urchin network has been put to look for more such strange occurrences, but for now, the more immediate matter of dealing with the fallout of Boltstrike Pillar takes priority…

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